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Meet our Success Stories

Marketcube is celebrating. Our self-service multi-seller management solution has grown enormously since our inception.

Meet our Success Stories

Marketcube is celebrating. Our self-service multi-seller management solution has grown enormously since our inception. It now allows our customers to manage most aspects of their business in one place. From on-boarding, and inventory to order splitting, shipping, fulfillment and payouts. The only thing we don’t do is make the product.

As such, we are celebrating the success of our customers and partners who use our system and enjoy the benefits of our unique solution. No matter the industry you operate in, have a look at just some of the achievements of our current partners and join us to grow your company or idea.

Let's have a look at just some of our success stories below:


At Humānery, they believe everyone should feel comfortable pursuing their own beauty, self-care, and personal grooming needs.

However, many men feel under-served or even uncomfortable trying to navigate retail beauty environments, both offline and online. They are often overwhelmed by complexity and frustrated with female-focused products, marketing, and guidance.

Addressing this challenge is the driving force behind Humānery who created an inclusive destination dedicated to men’s grooming, beauty and self-care needs. They curate the premium and independent brands and products their customers are looking for, with the no-nonsense guidance they need to choose for themselves.

(And in case you were wondering, it’s pronounced “human”+“airy”.)

Humanery Marketing Team noted:

"Day 1 we went live with 10 vendors and 700+ SKUs. We've had amazing support from Shazad (CEO) and his team. They respond all hours of the day and are committed to our success. We sleep better at night knowing that Marketcube is here to back us. Whenever we have asked for custom development to deliver features that enhance our value proposition, they've been on our side. I can see these guys really growing fast and becoming the go-to marketplace as a service platform for budding and large operators alike."

OneCity Market

As people, we often want to express our appreciation to others before we know exactly how. We try our best to find something that matches what we’re feeling.

OneCity Gifts is a gift company that makes it easy for you to give premium and customized gifts for life’s various moments and occasions.

OneCity Market Marketing Team noted:

Time and time again, the Marketcube platform and their support team has exceeded our expectations...Their support team is extremely responsive and diligent. Lastly, thank you to Shazad, for nurturing your vision of this company and developing a truly unique product and a supportive culture at Marketcube. It's an inspiration and a joy to see how this company is expanding and growing around the world.

Modern Desi

Modern Desi is your destination for the widest selection of quality goods all made by self-built Desi small businesses. From affordable to extravagant, they are here to modernize South Asian inspired shopping through culturally relevant products that cultivate a deeper connection to your roots and the community.

They are a group comprised of college students, full time professionals, mom-preneurs and every other label under the sun - your Desi Creatives. Each of their brands and products are born out of the lack of South Asian representation in the societal diaspora and we’re coming together to bring you a collective space to find products you’ll feel proud to own. Their differences within their own roots is why each of their brands exist and hopefully you find something that will resonate with your uniquely Desi self.

Modern Desi Marketing Team noted:

Went live in May and have had great success with this app. We are at around 20 vendors so far with over 700 products. The vendors love the automations of the live sync functionality and ease of use of the vendor portal.

From Fashion to Real Estate to Art and Pharmaceuticals Marketcube enables over 1500 companies worldwide to run multi-seller marketplaces at scale.

Get started and enjoy 14-days free trial to experience its advanced features in real-time and build an online store with!

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Shazad Awanshapeshape
Shazad Awan
CEO and Co-Founder