Turn Your Shopify Store into a Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Our self-service multi-seller management solution manages on-boarding, inventory, order splitting, shipping, fulfillment and payouts. The only thing we don’t do is make the product.

A diagram showing the third party connections that Marketcube offers for both Operators and Seller.
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Create your branded marketplace and be ready to take orders in 30 minutes, all without changing your existing online store or writing a single line of code. Now that's the Marketcube magic.

Marketplace magic

We provide a lot of features using our enterprise grade cloud platform that helps marketplace operators efficiently run and automate their businesses, as well as a multitude of fulfilment options that support popular marketplace operating models.


Third Party Sellers

Invite third party sellers or business entities to join your marketplace or online store


Product management

Allow third parties to manage their own products, whilst you keep control of the master catalogue


Orders & Shipping

Automatically split and distribute orders to your sellers, with or without shipping labels.


Accounting & Payouts

Transparent accounting of commissions, taxes, markups, discounts and payouts



Allow Sellers to ship products directly to your buyers, using their own shipping setup or you provide the shipping labels



Ship products to your buyers directly, as the operator, whilst  keeping the sellers informed of all the sales

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Click and Collect

Support local pickups by allowing buyers to buy online and collect the products directly from the sellers physical location

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Time Based Services

Allow buyers to book and pay for time based services e.g. Yoga class or an events venue, based on time, location and capacity

Globally Trusted


From Fashion to Real Estate to Art and Pharmaceuticals
Marketcube enables over
1500 companies worldwide to run
multi-seller marketplaces at scale.

We exist to simplify

Marketcube supports a large number of "one click" integrations to third party platforms. These integrations have been carefully chosen to compliment the complete multi-seller management workflow and exists in three main categories, e-commerce platforms, payment gateways and logistics.

#shopify #bigcommrce  #dropship #B2C #clickandcollect #localdelivery #recommerce #P2P #businessautomation #B2B, #services #brandpages #liveinventory #shippinglabels #ordersplitting #multivendor

Globally Trusted

1500 +


80 +


From fashion and real estate to art and pharmaceuticals, Marketcube enables over 1500 companies worldwide to run multi-vendor marketplaces at scale.

Don't take our word for it.. Check out our success stories today!


Day 1 we went live with 10 vendors and 700+ SKUs. We've had amazing support from Shazad (CEO) and his team. They respond all hours of the day and are committed to our success. We sleep better at night knowing that Marketcube is here to back us. Whenever we have asked for custom development to deliver features that enhance our value proposition, they've been on our side. I can see these guys really growing fast and becoming the go-to marketplace as a service platform for budding and large operators alike.

Mens Cosmetics Marketplace

Went live in May and have had great success with this app. We are at around 20 vendors so far with over 700 products. The vendors love the automations of the live sync functionality and ease of use of the vendor portal.

Modern Desi
South Asian Inspired Marketplace

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Harness The Power of Multi-sided Marketplaces to Power Your Ecommerce

Learn why understanding this complex business structure is essential when creating a future-proof eCommerce strategy. Learn about the costs and benefits and various implementation models that can propel your business to give you a competitive advantage in a crowded market.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are interested in speaking to us about our platform, bespoke features, needing help setting up or getting a demo please do not hesitate to contact us

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Why start a Multi-vendor Marketplace?

  • Host Sellers products on your online store and gain commission from sales.
  • Reduced Inventory Management and Repsonsibility: Increase sales without having to stock and ship products yourself.
  • More Profit: adding sellers increses the number of products on your store, more products means more sales.
  • Automation: When you set up an online marketplace, you have complete control of how you want to present your products, their prices, the orders you accept, the delivery logistics, data analytics, and much more. With the advanced automation opportunities that come with an online marketplace, you can focus on the actual product more than running the day-to-day of your business

What do I need to start a Multi-vendor Marketplace on Marketcube?

  • An Online Store (On Shopify, WooCommerce e.t.c), if you have any query please contact to support team support@marketcube.io.
  • Potential vendors/sellers (who have agreed to sell their products on your website/online store)
  • An idea of what Operating model you will use (how will products be shipped/delivered to customers) (Please have a look at our Marketplace Solution page for more info)

What do I use Marketcube for?

  • Vendor/Seller Management (Adding sellers and their products to your store)
  • Vendor Payout Management (Paying vendors)
  • Managing Commission
  • Product Management (Control and Edit products published to your store by vendors)
  • Shipping Management/ Operating models
  • An Organised Overview (of multiple vendors, products, orders and payments within your store)
  • Automation of processes (such as vendor payouts, order acceptance and product publication to your store)

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes we offer a 14 day free trial. Please contact support@marketcube.io to get started.

Can I get a demo?

Yes, we provide a free demo to all our clients. For scheduling a demo please use the "Book a Demo" link above or contact us at support@marketcube.io and share your availability (Time and Date). Our support team will schedule the call accordingly and will update you.

Can I link my current Online store and sync products and orders to Marketcube?

Yes we use Live Connect to sync online stores to Marketcube. Using our API it is possible to connect directly to a vendor’s inventory system and keep stock levels automatically synchronized. Please have a look at our integration page or email support@marketcube.io to see which stores we can connect with.

How does live connect work?

Live connect allows you to connect your live store to Marketcube. This integration syncs inventory, products and order management automatically for operators and vendors in real-time for operators and vendors to marketcube.

Do you support Integration with 3PL?

Yes, Marketcube can be integrated with 3PL. Please share the details with us at support@marketcube.io and our team will contact you. Also, have a look at our integration page on our website.


Collaborative Commerce

"Multi-sided marketplaces harness the power of network effects to grow exponentially thereby constantly creating value for its users. Without the right technology foundations a network can stagnate and eventually loose sales and its value to its users"

Shazad Awan, CEO - Marketcube.io
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