Our Features

Our enterprise grade cloud platform has been built from the ground up to provide a complete solution for operating multi-seller marketplaces at scale.

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Marketplace Set Up and Branding

Setting up and branding with Marketcbe has never been easier. We offer a customisable set up with standard and advance features, as well as flexibility and free-reign with branding.

Commission management

  • Apply a global commission rate
  • Apply commission per vendor
  • Apply commission per category
  • Apply commission based price range


  • White-label your marketplace look and feel
  • Customise seller email templates
  • Customise invoices and packing slips
  • Add your own custom domain

Email & Notifications Setting

  • Globally disable notifications
  • Disable notifications by type email type
  • Setup digest emails on a scheduled basis
  • Email Customization

Tracking and Reporting

  • Track all marketplace activity in realtime
  • Basic Reporting and sales activity exports
  • Advanced Reporting (coming soon)


  • Change the portal using our language switcher

Seller Management

We make seller onboarding and seller management seamless and hassle-fee as we know vendors are an integral part of a marketplace. Happy sellers equates to a successful marketplace.

Sellers Profile

  • Capture basic seller information
  • Capture more extensive seller information
  • Add Custom fields to capture seller information
  • View seller profile pages in the portal
  • Create public brand pages for our sellers

Seller Live Connect

Live Connect allows a seller to connect their ecommerce store to add and update products without using the Marketcube portal. All updates in the seller store in kept in sync with the marketplace we support the following platforms:.

  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Wix
  • BigCommerce (coming soon)
  • Magento (coming soon)
  • Squarespace (coming soon)

Seller Chat

Ability for marketplace operators to chat their sellers
Ability for buyers to chat with sellers, via the marketplace.

Seller Onboarding

  • Invite sellers manually via email
  • Bulk invite sellers via email using a CSV
  • Create sellers manually for self setup
  • Create sellers in bulk for self setup using a CSV
  • Seller registration link embeddable on your site.
  • Track seller invite email
  • Track seller registration progress

Seller Access and Availability

  • Branded seller account admin portal
  • Read only portal access for sellers
  • Selective read only access for sellers
  • Seller approve/disapprove application
  • Seller holiday mode
  • Seller disable and/or delete

Product Management

At the heart of any marketplace are the products that it can offer to its customers. Hence, allowing your sellers to seamlessly and quickly add products and you having the control to publish them to your online store is key to the success of your marketplace.

Product Settings

  • Manage Shipping Status: You can mark your product as physical or non-physical to include/exclude the shipping charges at the time of checkout.
  • Product Price: You can set whether your product price has tax inclusive or exclusive.
  • Manage Tags, Types and Collections
  • Product Form Labels

Product Approval and Reviews

  • Product Approval: You can set your products to be approved automatically or to be approved on a condition.
  • Auto Publish Product: You can automatically publish the new products as soon as the vendor adds the new product.

Product Attachment Settings

  • Attachment Settings: You can choose to enable the product attachment settings by enabling this from here. Disable this for removing the settings.


  • Standard Markup
  • Advanced Markup


  • Standard Discount
  • Advanced Discount

Add and edit product

  • Product Price
  • Manage Wholesale Price
  • Product Price
  • Product Tag Mapping
  • Product Manage Metafields

Order & Return Management

Order management is a key enabler for the marketplaces. The ability to split orders and forward respective line items to sellers in an important workflow element that makes collaborating a simple and efficient.


  • Auto accept orders
  • Auto fulfil orders
  • Packing slip generation
  • Live order updates between your marketplace and seller stores (Seller Live Connect where available)
  • Order invoices
  • Aggregated order invoices per seller
  • Manage Customer Details
  • Manage Order Auto Expiry
  • Manage Order Export
  • Export


  • Manual returns flow

Shipping & Fulfillment Management

Marketplaces fail if the shipping and fulfilment experience is not optimised. This means making sure that the whole workflow from customer to seller works works seamlessly. With many ways to manage this complex area, Marketcube provides a multitude of options to support your businesses operating model.

Shipping Management

  • Manage shipping fees
  • Seller managed shipping fees
  • Shipping integration with 3rd party carriers

Fulfilment Management

  • Dropship
  • Consignment Ship
  • Consignment Pick-up
  • Click and Reserve
  • Click and Collect
  • Time Based Services
  • Hybrid

Accounting & Seller Payouts

It's all about the numbers. Paying your sellers their dues is important but making sure you pay them the right amount minus your marketplace fees is priceless. Whether you payout pre or post sale or after the returns period has expired, Marketcube has got you covered.


  • Export payments CSV and PDF
  • Automated vendor payouts via PayPal
  • Automated vendor payouts via Stripe
  • Payment export
  • Stripe Integration
  • Paypal Integration
  • Payment and Payouts terms