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Marketplace leaders everyone should know about

Amongst influencers, celebrities, fame-seekers, and true leaders it is truly difficult to distinguish nowadays who genuinely provides valuable

Marketplace leaders everyone should know about

Amongst influencers, celebrities, fame-seekers, and true leaders it is truly difficult to distinguish nowadays who genuinely provides valuable information and who simply creates content. However, a thought leader tends to stand out throughout not only his unique work but also his authentic way of transpiring the complexity of his or other ideas.

Essentially, a thought leader is one who is highly regarded and respected among his/ or her peers for innovative ideas and demonstrates the confidence to promote their ideas on a variety of platforms. An important challenge to recognize is the consequences of being brave. Often, the most interesting thought leadership is provocative, running against conventional wisdom. This naturally means that they utter confidence in their abilities and the product/service or idea they are promoting whilst aware of the potential consequences they may be facing.

Their leadership is both purposeful — a little provocation helps you stand out from the crowd — and consequential — saying something different risks alienating the status quo. It takes some courage to stick your head above the proverbial parapet and promote a new project or a totally innovative idea that no one has envisioned before.

As Market Leaders in what we do, offers a unique and complete multi-vendor management solution for vendor onboarding, inventory, order splitting, shipping, fulfilment, and vendor pay-outs. We support dropship, consignment, and soon multi-location click and collect for marketplaces selling physical and services-based products.

We are hence constantly engaging with leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs in the Tech industry allowing us to have a holistic picture of true thought leaders in our market. In this blog, we will run down our list of 7 market thought leaders you should know about and follow.

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Dan Steiner
Dan Steiner is an e-commerce thought leader who regularly writes articles for Inc, CIO Online, and Entrepreneur. He is an active mentor in the California start-up community and has helped numerous brands grow over the years and his work has been featured in dozens of media outlets, including Entrepreneur, GoDaddy, Inc, Huffington Post, and many others. You can follow his Twitter profile to read insightful blogs about SEO and digital marketing.

Sangeet Choudary
Sangeet Choudary is a marketplace/platform economy expert. He is a C-level executive advisor and an international best-selling author of Platform Scale and Platform Revolution and co-chair of the MIT Platform Strategy Summit at the MIT Media Labs, an Entrepreneur-in-residence at INSEAD Business School, and an executive educator with Harvard Business School Publishing. He has been selected as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum and is ranked among the top 30 emerging thinkers globally in 2016 by Thinkers50 Radar, a global ranking of top business thinkers.

Chad Rubin
You should read the blogs posted on industry expert Chad Rubin’s twitter feed to learn how to make your marketplace stand apart from the rest. He is an influencer who shares marketing tactics that can help you promote your business and improve profitability. Founder of Think Crucial which sells replacement accessories for the stuff you use around your house and co-founder and CEO of Skubana, an all-in-one e-commerce management software that helps you run your entire operation from a single dashboard.

Lisa Gansky
Lisa Gansky is the author of The Mesh: Why the Future of Business Is Sharing, and the “instigator” behind the directory and Instigating + Co. She writes a lot about global entrepreneurship and how value is captured and distributed. Lisa and her highly experienced team work to design and develop prototype experiences to accelerate the shift in our global SocialOS . Her work guides businesses, cities and networks of people to a more distributed way of creating and capturing value. Key themes include: Distributed value, self-organizing communities, urban innovation, porous borders and the collaborative economy.

Mark Roberge
Mark Roberge is a Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School, former CRO at HubSpot, and the author of Best Seller - The Sales Acceleration Formula, Board Member, Advisor and Investor. Mark’s career spun around HubSpot for over 9 years where he significantly contributed to the growth of the then young but now leading tech company. Mark increased revenue for the company by over 6,000%, expanded the team from 1 to 450 employees, and developed an analytical sales approach that has served as the foundation for high-growth sales teams around the world.

Antonin Leonard
Antonin Leonard is the Co-founder of OuiShare, the network a world-famous think tank for a collaborative society. He advises entrepreneurs to find a marketplace idea that is relevant for themselves, not just copying what is relevant for others. Widely respected and universally considered an entrepreneur, team builder, and strategist that likes to create narratives that mobilize people and become movements.

Pawel Chudzinski
Pawel Chudzinski has backed a number of highly successful Internet companies such as Delivery Hero, Clio, Shiftplanning, Vend, Typeform, and Zendesk from their earliest stages. He is also the founder and owner of Point9, an early-stage venture capital fund focused on backing seed-stage B2B SaaS and B2B marketplace entrepreneurs anywhere in the world.

As can be seen, the one characteristic the below "barrier-breakers" share is their long-term orientation and vision for success. Their ideas and thought process is geared to building a sustained engagement with their audience rather than driving a direct sale or aiming to immediately facilitate a purchase. With this to help build relationships with a wider group of stakeholders.

Let us know of the thought leaders you follow, or if any of the above are people who have already helped you revolutionize the way you think, act professionally or manage your business.

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