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Getting to know Marketcube

MarketCube is an all-in-one platform that offers users a place to operate a successful business for selling their products with absolutely no

Getting to know Marketcube

Marketcube is an all-in-one platform that offers users a place to operate a successful business for selling their products with absolutely no coding required. Businesses can expand their offering by selling their services or products from third-party sellers and make more money.

We provide a lot of features using our enterprise grade cloud platform, take a look at some of our frequently asked questions for help and support.

Why start a Multi-vendor Marketplace?

• Host Sellers products on your online store and gain commission from sales.

• Reduced Inventory Management and Responsibility: Increase sales without having to stock and ship products yourself.

• More Profit: adding sellers increases the number of products on your store, more products means more sales.

• Automation: When you set up an online marketplace, you have complete control of how you want to present your products, their prices, the orders you accept, the delivery logistics, data analytics, and much more. With the advanced automation opportunities that come with an online marketplace, you can focus on the actual product more than running the day-to-day of your business

What do I need to start a Multi-vendor Marketplace on Marketcube?

• An Online Store (On Shopify, WooCommerce e.t.c), if you have any query please contact to support team

• Potential vendors/sellers (who have agreed to sell their products on your website/online store)

• An idea of what Operating model you will use (how will products be shipped/delivered to customers) (Please have a look at our Marketplace Solution page for more info)

What do I use Marketcube for?

• Vendor/Seller Management (Adding sellers and their products to your store)

• Vendor Payout Management (Paying vendors)

• Managing Commission

• Product Management (Control and Edit products published to your store by vendors)

• Shipping Management/ Operating models

• An Organised Overview (of multiple vendors, products, orders and payments within your store)

• Automation of processes (such as vendor payouts, order acceptance and product publication to your store)

Can I get a demo?

Yes, we provide a free demo to all our clients. For scheduling a demo please use the "Book a Demo" link above or contact us at and share your availability (Time and Date). Our support team will schedule the call accordingly and will update you.

Can I link my current Online store and sync products and orders to Marketcube?

Yes we use Live Connect to sync online stores to Marketcube. Using our API it is possible to connect directly to a vendor’s inventory system and keep stock levels automatically synchronized. Please have a look at our integration page or email to see which stores we can connect with.

How does live connect work?

Live connect allows you to connect your live store to Marketcube. This integration syncs inventory, products and order management automatically for operators and vendors in real-time for operators and vendors to Marketcube.

Do you support Integration with 3PL?

Yes, Marketcube can be integrated with 3PL. Please share the details with us at and our team will contact you. Also, have a look at our integration page on our website.

Here at, we are not only able to provide a complete marketplace solution created by our expert technical team, but also providing onboarding, support, and much other useful literature (FAQs - Manuals) for our new and existing members.

Leverage our scalable platform and infrastructure so you can focus on delivering business goals faster and more effectively. Unlock MarketCube's 30+ years of proven marketplace technology, knowledge, and expertise and drive commercial success whilst we continue to innovate our platform.

Get started and enjoy 28 days free trial to experience its advanced features in real-time and build an online store with!

Feel free to comment below, or simply follow our Blog now for some great tips, advice, and guides on a variety of subjects, from our team experts. Do not hesitate to contact us, email our team, follow our social media on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google My Business, and of course comment on any of our Blogs!

We look forward to you joining us in the New Year - Happy 2023 and best wishes for a happy holiday from everyone at!

Shazad Awanshapeshape
Shazad Awan
CEO and Co-Founder