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Getting Started with Marketcube

Learn more about how Marketcube works and use our guide to Get Started today!

Getting Started with Marketcube

Marketcube is a complete self-service multi-seller management solution for onboarding, inventory, order splitting, shipping, fulfilment and pay-outs.

We support fulfilment options like dropship, consignment, and click and collect for marketplaces selling physical and services based products, using existing ecommerce platforms.

Our platform supports a large number of "one click" integrations to third party platforms, carefully chosen to compliment the complete multi-seller management workflow. These include Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento and many more.

However, you are probably reading all this and thinking.."this must be very complicated". Think again.

Our solution is so simple and easy to sign up to, that you need no coding or developer skills. What is more, we have the necessary measures and staff in place to support our new and existing customers at all times through email, phone and chat.

So let's have a look at an easy step-by-step guide below on how you can also sign up today.

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Getting started is Easy

Step 1

Invite your sellers to join

Operators can invite sellers. They can do this via individual or bulk emails or by adding a registration link on their landing page. Operators can also create sellers themselves without the need for seller to register.

Step 2

Sellers onboard

Sellers can onboard themselves using their own account on Marketcube, linked to your marketplace, in less than 15 Minutes.

Step 3

Add products

Sellers add products to the operators marketplace. Products can be added individually or in bulk or they can be synced directly from the sellers own online stores, using "Live Connect"

Step 4

Review and Publish

Operators have the option to review products added by the sellers and have them manually or automatically published to their stores.

Step 5

Ready to Sell

Once published, customers can start buying products from multiple sellers from the operators store using a single order.

Step 6

Order splitting

The multi-seller order is split in Marketcube and each seller receives their part of the order to fulfil and ship.

Step 7


Sellers or the operator fulfil the order based on the marketplace's operating model e.g. dropship, consignment or click and collect.

Step 8


‍A happy Customer receive their order items

Step 9

Sellers get paid

Once the order is completed, sellers receive their order pay-outs minus the marketplace fees (operators commission).

As can be seen our platform is not only an asset to your business but also easy to get started with. What is more our free on-boarding service and friendly customer support, are just an email away from assisting you with all your queries or questions whilst you can also check the dedicated FAQs page on our website here!

Increase sales for your marketplace by offering more choice to your customers. Create your own branded multi-seller marketplace, using your existing e-commerce platform, selling physical and services based products.

Have a look at our video below to learn more and join us today to enjoy FREE On-boarding and 30-days FREE Trial!

Here at, we are not only able to provide a complete marketplace solution created by our expert technical team, but also providing onboarding, support, and much other useful literature (FAQs - Manuals) for our new and existing members.

Leverage our scalable platform and infrastructure so you can focus on delivering business goals faster and more effectively. Unlock MarketCube's 30+ years of proven marketplace technology, knowledge, and expertise and drive commercial success whilst we continue to innovate our platform.

Get started and enjoy 14 days free trial to experience its advanced features in real-time and build an online store with!

Feel free to comment below, or simply follow our Blog now for some great tips, advice, and guides on a variety of subjects, from our team experts. Do not hesitate to contact us, email our team, follow our social media on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google My Business, and of course comment on any of our Blogs!

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