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Apply to Partner with Marketcube

Partnering with us offers a plethora of great advantages and benefits, some of which we have listed below for you.

Apply to Partner with Marketcube

Marketcube provides software for businesses of all sizes to launch and operate their very own multi-vendor marketplaces, just like Amazon, Alibaba, Flipkart or Farfetch.

For example, if you want to start an online marketplace, similar to Amazon or Etsy, and don't want to spend lots of time and money building custom software you can use Marketcube. You don't need to have any coding skills or get your developers involved to do it.

As such, our platform has grown exponentially the past years, and are now proud to work with some of the biggest digital providers worldwide, who not only partner with us but also support many of our members.

We believe that marketplaces are the future that will drive ecommerce. Collaborating with our partners allows us to support them to deliver this new reality to their customers, quicker, faster and backed by our specialist knowledge.

Our partner program is designed to adapt products and solutions to the needs of our partners and their clients, whilst also providing full support across training, technology, marketing and sales activities. Partnering with us offers a plethora of great advantages and benefits, some of which we have listed below for you.

Benefits of Partnering with Marketcube

Lifetime earnings

Earn monthly recurring commission on the gross subscription value of your clients billing with Marketcube, for as long as the account is active.

Sales support

We will support you all the way, as your marketplace partner, from sales pitch support through to product demos and solution architecture and validation.

Training and Help

We will provide complete training and ongoing support to you and your staff members, inclusive of sales, onboarding and client training.

Extend your service offerings to include complete marketplace solutions with a full compliment of professional services included such as training, bespoke solution development and early access to all new features.

Getting started with Marketcube

Step 1

Apply to become a Partner

Fill out our initial application form by clicking in the "Apply to become a Partner" at

Step 2

Meet the Partnership team

Once the Marketcube partnerships team has reviewed your initial application the team will reach out for an introductory meeting.

Step 3

Partnership Agreement

Post the initial meeting and a provisional approval being granted a formal "Partnership Agreement" will be issued for you to sign, inclusive of the commission and earnings setup.

Step 4

On-boarding and Training

Once the agreement is in place, formal on-boarding and training along with developer/test accounts will be delivered.

Step 5

Go-to Market

As an official partner with and can now extend marketplace service offerings in the market

Leverage our scalable platform and infrastructure so you can focus on delivering business goals faster and more effectively. Simply head over to the partners page of our website, and apply online by just filling in a short questionnaire.

You will then be contacted by our team who will inform you of the success of your application, as well as add a dedicated page for your company on our website allowing you to advertise your services to thousands of marketplaces we operate with worldwide.

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