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5 Tips to Boost Christmas Season Sales On Your Online Marketplace

With Christmas just around the corner, it makes for a greatopportunity to focus on scaling up your business.

5 Tips to Boost Christmas Season Sales On Your Online Marketplace

With Christmas just around the corner, it makes for a great opportunity to focus on scaling up your business. Get your deals and offers online to take advantage of the festive season. Statistics show that consumers tend to shop more during this period compared with the rest of the year. This is not only true for physical stores but for online purchases too. At least 70%of online business reported an increase in sales during the previous Christmas period.

So, If you are looking to make use of this peak season, your brand needs to have the best marketing tools and effective strategies. We have listed below our 5 helpful tips that you can utilise for success to boost festive season sales on your marketplace.

1.      Make shopping across all channels seamless

Creating a unified and personalised buying journey across all channels is important for your brand.  Most consumers will find your products through online, or through ads, read reviews on your online marketplace, compare prices,and offers on competitor sites. They may even check features in person by going to a physical store and then finally make a purchase using your marketplace app.

Your brand needs to be prepared for this journey where buyers may check out products on multiple channels. As a starting strategy to target your customers, you can the below to gain extra traffic:

·        Send specials offers via email campaigns

·        Provide a Christmas sale offer to those who have abandoned cart

·        Use your social media platforms to promote offers / discounts

·        Enable a chat support to help solve customer queries in a timely manner


2.      Provide unique sales and discounts

Providing a discount is a great way to nudge customers to purchase a product or to buy additional products. Even more so due to the season, people tend to purchase more items naturally. Customers will be looking for more ways to save and make their money go further.

Try adding promotions such as a percentage of an item; a time-based offer that’s lasts for a specific time; and free shipping for order over a certain amount. This will help to entice customers to spend more on your brand.


3.      Add a festive look to your brand

Having a well-designed website that is visually appealing contributes to strengthening your brand’s identity. Take into account the festive season and bring those elements to your design by creating custom banners that are Christmas inspired, changing the colours across the site or even by adding Christmas related icons. This will help customers to feel more in the Christmas spirit and mood for shopping.

4.      Be ready for heavy footfall

You have provided a range of discounts across all channels and designed a vibrant festive look, but is your marketplace website ready to take the extra load during the festive season sale? Scalability can be a major concern for businesses looking at high traffic load or high volume of products or pages in the future. Your online marketplace and all other services must be well aligned to welcome the customers during festive sales.

We advise to ensure you that you fix any broken links that might disturb your customers and Improve site speed to get better conversions. It would also be beneficial to simplify order processing and make search faster and recover abandoned cart orders with automated follow ups to keep sales come through.


5.      Be available for your customers

With every purchase your customers make, they put a little trust and confidence in your enterprise brand. To ensure their return, it becomes important to be available for your customers across all channels and offer them the luxury of being heard and seen. This becomes even more important during the festive season sale when customers are eager to make the most of limited time deals and offers.

If you are looking for more ways on how to connect with your customers, try creating a FAQ for customers might want to know more details about a particular item. In addition, your social media platform are also a good tool to utilise. Create a strong media presence online, providing your customers a platform to connect.

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