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We aim to ensure wedding planning is hassle free. Providing a browsing, communication and booking service for all wedding products and services all in one platform. Provide customers with a personalised portal with visibility for all bookings and orders. We are not a directory... we are Savii- The Wedding Marketplace.

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Client Testimonial

1. Tell us a little about your marketplace and what problem you were looking to solve

- We are a platform where Brides/Grooms can browse, contact and directly book a wide range of suppliers across Categories. We noticed finding and contacting suppliers within the wedding industry is currently a disorganised and convoluted process. There was not a single place online, where you can browse, contact and directly make the booking in one place. There also wasn't transparency in prices for wedding suppliers in one place. All our suppliers have a starting from price, which means brides and grooms can easily shop around and understand the wedding market comprehensively prior to booking.

2. How did you come up with the idea?
We were planning a friends wedding and became frustrated with reaching out and chasing suppliers through multiple Channels (i.e. Text, email, calls, F2F). We came across a fair few supplier directories within the Asian industry however they weren't functional, in the sense that they did not accommodate communication and bookings with the suppliers. These processes had to be taken off the platform. We also found that the directories themselves were not UX friendly and were highly disorganised.

3. So why a marketplace?
For two reasons, one so we could provide our customers with a wide range of suppliers nation/worldwide and secondly so we can scale up fast with ease

4. What are the major challenges that you came across while setting up a marketplace.?
Trying to introduce this Novel idea of a wedding marketplace to suppliers who have been in the industry for several years, conducting business in an old fashioned way. Essentially Savii Weddings is revolutionising Wedding Planning and the wedding industry, so whilst starting up we did face a few barriers with individuals struggling to understand the concept and suppliers accepting a new style of working. Being a new concept that no-one had heard of, I think we were also often confused with being Wedding Planners. However, we had to clearly convey that we are not the planners, we are facilitators in making Wedding Planning easy by providing a Smart tool for Wedding Planning.

5. Why did you choose Marketcube?
We wanted to use Shopify and MC was well versed with Shopify and also suggested and helped implement solutions such as 'Request a Quote' that we needed in order to run our Website.

6. How have you found working with Marketcube?
The support team has been great in both communication and delivery. They have extensive knowledge in running successful Marketplaces and have been fundamental in suggesting key solutions for my Business. They helped us onboard vendors within the first 30 minute calls, which was surprising. I look forward to growing my business with them in the future.

7. What advice would you give to other Marketplace operators when looking to enter this space.?
Compared to other similar service providers, I have found Marketcube to be the most accommodating and responsive in terms of assisting individual requirements. I have also found the support and tech team to be more helpful and understanding in enquiries. Marketcube seem to work with you rather than provide a service and leave you to it, they're always happy to help. I also would like to point out that MC facilitates service offerings and not just products, this is something that is not readily available with other alternatives. I also think the platform itself is user friendly with ample support material available along the way. I would also like to advise that anyone considering to use the platform to simply just get started and give it a month to get well versed with the platform. It is important that you actually use the platform regularly and explore the features it offers within the setting during your initial few days on the platform, the more you use the platform the more value you will find in regards to what it offers.

8. Any last word.?
I would just like to Thank the team for making our vision transpire into reality. I now have a platform that is well known within the Asian wedding space and is running successfully, and I have MC to thank for this.