Savii Fashion (, is a UK based Global Fashion Marketplace founded in 2022.

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Savii Fashion

Savii Fashion (, is a UK based Global Fashion Marketplace founded in 2022, which is inspired by the idea of providing a seamless platform to all the Emerging Fashion Designers to work internationally and sell/access global markets.

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Client Testimonial

1. Tell us a little about your marketplace and what problem you were looking to solve

- Our marketplace is a multi-vendor south-asian fashion marketplace. The major problem that we had was to launch our marketplace in very short span of time and we got to know about, who helped us launch our marketplace in under 30 days.

2. How did you come up with the idea?
Well we thought and researched that there is an asian market living abroad which has a very limited access to asian fashion and latest trends. That was when we decided to launch our fashion marketplace which can provide and fulfil all their needs with an ease of access to checkout flow.

3. So why a marketplace?
Because in today's world of globalisation and busy routines, eCommerce/marketplaces play a very important role in filling up the gap and hassle of physically going to a store and do your shopping. When you can get everything as a one-window solution on a single marketplace, why not just avail the opportunity.

4. What are the major challenges that you came across while setting up a marketplace.?
The major challenge that we faced was vendor on-boarding which we were able to counter too by pitching the vendors about the idea and potential of our marketplace.

5. Why did you choose Marketcube?
Because Marketcube is a SaaS platform which literally enables you to launch your marketplace seamlessly. They have everything under one roof that a marketplace may require, plus they also offer bespoke developments if a marketplace requires. On top of that they have a wonderful support team which is always there to assist you.

6. How have you found working with Marketcube?

7. What advice would you give to other Marketplace operators when looking to enter this space.?
I would tell them if you are a startup or an existing marketplace who is switching from any other platform, must consider Marketcube because of their exceptional services and amazing pricing structures.

8. Any last word.?
Keep up the good work. It is amazing to have known about Marketcube, utilising their platform and run a hassle free marketplace. Cheers!