Connecting farmers & farm seekers, farmLink helps customers safely and reliably source.





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FarmLink helps customers safely and reliably source food and agricultural products directly from producers while empowering sellers with market access and better price realisation.

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Client Testimonial

1. Tell us a little about your marketplace and what problem you were looking to solve

- Building India's fastest-growing B2B Agri & Food Marketplace by bridging a gap between producers and consumers and by empowering farmers to directly reach potential markets.

2. How did you come up with the idea?
Our organization has been working extensively in agri-input and agri-output services since last 15 years and marketplace is an initiative to digitize this journey and scale faster.

3. So why a marketplace?
It allows our users a common ground to connect and trade.

4. What are the major challenges that you came across while setting up a marketplace.?
Identifying a right tech solution to support organization vision

5. Why did you choose Marketcube?
Marketcube offered fastest go-to-market opportunity with pre-build modules required for a pilot launch.

6. How have you found working with Marketcube?
Marketcube is really easy to access and navigate for operators and vendors. The team is very supportive to incorporate all requirements in the quickest manner possible.

7. What advice would you give to other Marketplace operators when looking to enter this space.?
Dig deep on user-level requirements to select a right tech solution