58 Facettes is the first marketplace specializing in second-hand jewelry, Art deco, retro or even contemporary.

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58 Facettes

58 Facettes is the first marketplace specializing in second-hand jewelry. Art deco, retro or even contemporary, each piece, signed by major or vintage houses, is carefully selected and certified by 58 Facettes experts. You can therefore acquire them with ease and confidence while benefiting from all of our services dedicated to jewelry. We thus participate together in a circular economy, combining pleasure of beauty and reasoned impact.

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Client Testimonial

1. Tell us a little about your marketplace and what problem you were looking to solve

- We're a marketplace dedicated to second-hand jewelry. We're bringing transparency to an otherwise very opaque industry, and gathering a large offer on a single website, whereas the market is usually very fragmented.

2. How did you come up with the idea?
Looking for an engagement ring, it was obvious that the industry needed to be modernized. Up until now, it was very difficult for an individual to make an informed decision when buying jewelry, especially second-hand. Who to trust? We act as a third party.

3. So why a marketplace?
The market is very fragmented but the opportunity is global. We help small second-hand jewelry specialists from Europe, who usually only sell in their store to their local customer base, sell their pieces of jewelry everywhere in the world. Same for customers, for whom it was very difficult to have access to this offer in the past.

4. What are the major challenges that you came across while setting up a marketplace.?
We need a solution with which we can scale. This means a solution with which one can handle thousands of vendors in multiple languages and locations, tens or hundreds of thousands of products, order and payment flows for large volumes of transactions all over the world.

5. Why did you choose Marketcube?
Marketcube has all the features we were looking for. Connection to Shopify and other CMS tools, vendor onboarding, payment flows via Stripe, multi-language etc. Also during our trial period with Marketcube, we were positively surprised by the support we were getting from their teams to set everything up and to tailor their solution to meet our needs.

6. How have you found working with Marketcube?
Marketcube is the right solution for us, to scale our business. It can handle large volumes, and the support team is great. Their product is constantly evolving to better meet the needs of their clients.

7. What advice would you give to other Marketplace operators when looking to enter this space.?
Find a scalable solution, which can be connected to other systems and with efficient order and payment flows.

8. Any last word.?
Many thanks for all the support over the past 3 years.