How to Setup Your Marketplace

Install time is less then 10 minutes

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Getting started is Easy

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Step 1

Create your account on the Marketcube platform


Step 2

Complete registration as marketplace operator

Complete the registration form by filling in your preferred credentials as well as your online Shopify shop address. Then choose the "Register" button to move to the next step

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Step 3

Onboard and setup defaults for your marketplace

Setup yourself up as a marketplace operator, within Marketcube, by completing your profile and marketplace operating information

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Step 4

Choose your plan

Dependant on your choice i,e, one of our monthly subscription or pay as you earn options, choose a plan that best suits your budget

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Step 5

Install the app

Follow the process to install the Marketcube App as a custom App in your Shopify store. You can view the video above or follow our step by step guide here

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Step 6

Now you are in business

Now that you are setup it is time to start onboarding your sellers, their products and making them available to your customers.


Not Sure about how to install the app?

Don't worry let us know and we will do it for you for FREE!,