Turn your online store into an Amazon-like automated marketplace (without tech skills)

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Selling your own products is not scalable

If you run an eCommerce store and sell products that you manufacture yourself, store in a warehouse and/or ship to customers on your own, you know you won’t be able to scale because:

  • Operating costs (salaries, warehouse rental, shipping management) will quickly absorb your profits.

  • Your product selection will never be as wide as your competitors’.

  • Your customer satisfaction will gradually decrease as you try to manage more orders without sacrificing service quality.

You'll never beat Amazon or eBay on your own

No matter how hard you try, people will always try to find your product (or alternatives) on Amazon or eBay, and unless you run your own marketplace, you can’t compete with them because:

  • You don’t have technical expertise to list products from multiple vendors on your site (on autopilot).

  • Your shipping costs will scare customers away.

  • You’ll need to manually manage delivery, returns, complaints, edit stock availability and other operations.

Open a marketplace in minutes.
Onboard vendors and scale up — without coding, frustrations or an enormous operating budget

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