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MarketCube is an all-in-one platform that offers users a place to operate a successful business for selling their products with absolutely no coding required. Businesses can expand their offering by selling their services or products from third-party sellers and make more money.

Users can launch a multi-vendor marketplace within 15 minutes or even less with smart integrations for all major e-commerce systems.Right from shipping to accounting, users can find all the necessary tools needed to operate a marketplace with transparency.

All marketplace activities like vendor on-boarding, product uploads, payments, and order fulfillment can be tracked in real-time. With powerful vendor portals, all vendors get access to a vendor portal to manage products, payments, orders, and more. The Vendor Live Connect enables vendors to connect their online stores directly to their marketplace where once connected, products and orders sync automatically, making things much easier.With automated vendor pay-outs, users can set up their own payment terms and enable automated pay-outs via PayPal and Stripe.

We provide a lot of features using our enterprise grade cloud platform, take a look at some our top features:

Marketplace Set Up and Branding

Setting up and branding with MarketCube has never been easier. We offer a customisable set up with standard and advance features, as well as flexibility and free reign with branding.

Seller Management

We make seller on-boarding and seller management seamless and hassle-fee as we know vendors are an integral part of a marketplace. Happy sellers equate to a successful marketplace.

Product Management

At the heart of any marketplace are the products that it can offer to its customers. Hence, allowing your sellers to seamlessly and quickly add products and you having the control to publish them to your online store is key to the success of your marketplace.

Order & Return Management

Order management is a key enabler for marketplaces. The ability to split orders and forward respective line items to sellers in an important workflow element that makes collaborating a simple and efficient.

Shipping & Fulfillment Management

Marketplaces fail if the shipping and fulfillment experience is not optimised. This means making sure that the whole workflow from customer to seller works seamlessly. With many ways to manage this complex area, MarketCube provides a multitude of options to support your businesses operating model.

Accounting & Seller Pay-outs

It's all about the numbers. Paying your sellers their "dues" is important but making sure you pay them the right amount minus your marketplace fees is priceless. Whether you pay-out pre or post sale or after the returns period has expired, MarketCube has got you covered.

What better way to find out if is the right platform for you other than signing up to our FREE trial! With a fair and transparent pricing without lock-ins. No hidden fees, no setup fees and no extra transaction charges. Why not give it a try for yourself. We offer our services on a monthly subscription that you can cancel at any time.

Join us today on a free 14 days trial and start benefiting from our self-service multi-seller management solution!

From Fashion to Real Estate to Art and Pharmaceuticals MarketCube enables over 1500 companies worldwide to run multi-seller marketplaces at scale.

Get started and enjoy 14-days free trial to experience its advanced features in real-time and build an online store with!

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Shazad Awanshapeshape
Shazad Awan
CEO and Co-Founder