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How To Measure Your Marketplace Growth and Success

Tracking marketplace metrics makes it possible to determine the areas in which the marketplace is running effectively and those where improvem

How To Measure Your Marketplace Growth and Success

Tracking marketplace metrics makes it possible to determine the areas in which the marketplace is running effectively and those where improvements are needed. Knowing which marketplace metrics you should be keeping a track of is key if you want to know how to adjust your overall marketplace to optimise performance.

Below in this blog we will discuss 5 key marketplace metrics every founder and marketplace manager should be tracking for their marketplace business.

Monthly Active Users

The easiest way to track your users activity is through monitoring your monthly active users. Check the number of unique visitors you receive between a 4 week period and if this number continues to increase on a monthly basis then you can rest assured that you are attracting new customers and returning customers on a frequent basis.

Repeat purchase ratio

Another useful metric to observe is the proportion of returning customer who place repeat orders. The higher this percentage means the more likely that a customer will make multiple purchases.  It may make sense to spend more money on acquiring new customers if the repeat purchase percentage is high.


Liquidity indicates how successful an ecommerce multi seller marketplace platform is for sellers and buyers, and shows a marketplace ability to scale. Customer liquidity refers to the probability of a visit that will lead to a transaction. An easy way to measure this is simply by calculating how many visits you get on an average month and how many transactions you get in the same period. A good ration percentage is anywhere between 30% - 60%.

Time Spent on Site

Once a user is on your platform, it may be worth measuring the length of time they spend on your site. Whilst typically the longer a user is on your site the better, however this could also signal that customers are not able to find what they are looking for. on the other hand is users are spending a lot of time on your site then tis could also indicate the may be more likely to purchase more.

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